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Thomas P. Peschak

“ What I love about Co-Exist is that, not only do they support some of my favourite grassroots marine conservation organizations, but that through your purchases you can decide which marine animal you want to help protect.”

For National Geographic Magazine Tom has produced more than a dozen feature stories that cover a variety of natural history and conservation issues.

Originally trained as a marine biologist, he embraced photojournalism 15 years ago after realizing that his photographs could have greater conservation impact than scientific statistics.

Thomas is the Director of Storytelling for the Save our Seas Foundation, and a Founding/Associate Director of the Manta Trust.

Thomas has written and photographed eight books, his latest WILD SEAS will be published by National Geographic Books in Oct 2021.

His images and stories have won 17 Wildlife Photographer of the Year and 7 World Press Photo Awards.

Thomas is popular speaker for National Geographic Live, having presented more than 20 shows in 15 cities on three continents.

His official TED talk, ‘Dive into an ocean photographer’s world’ has been viewed more than 1 million times.

"Tom is one of my idols and, as a keen photographer myself, I was delighted to have worked with him on Project Antarctica.

Tom and I share the same passion for Marine Conservation and having such a renowned photography as an ambassador is a genuine honour."

Sarah Geron

“ When I see the enthusiasm and dedication with which Sarah and her colleagues built CO-EXIST, I am comforted knowing that the next generation of marine conservation champions is not only passionate but also immensely capable.”

Tom Peschak
National Geographic Photographer

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